These are our values

At our brand, we hold a steadfast commitment to values that define our identity. We take pride in our local production, sourcing from the finest ateliers in Spain and Portugal. Our transparent manufacturing process ensures that we prioritize the environment and employ natural dyes. We believe in using the best European fabrics, all while respecting the people who craft our products. With every stitch, we're stitching together a future that's both sustainable and stylish.


Local production

We've always chosen our ateliers and fabrics for their expertise and exceptional craftsmanship. We're proud of the strong relationships we've built with our partners over the years.

Behind our creations, which we view as integral members of our team, stand individuals such as Avelino and his son Fernando in Portugal, Emilio and his team of skilled shirtmakers in Toledo, and Fran at an eco-friendly pants factory in the province of Albacete. These dedicated collaborators, among many others, play a crucial role in ensuring that exceptional products make their way to our stores.

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